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College Football Helmets
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Answers to Your Questions About College Football Helmets

What is the difference between an authentic and a replica helmet?

- Authentic helmets feature complete, authentic interior padding. The replica helmets just have molded foam jaw and neck pads so that the helmet looks real when on display. As a result, an authentic helmet weighs considerably more than a replica.

Why can't the helmets be worn?

- Short answer ... lawyers and insurance companies. Riddell and Schutt are required to place "no-wear" devices inside the helmets as a licensing requirement. The purpose is to avoid any injury liability on the part of the school if someone wore their helmet and got injured.

Can these "no-wear" devices be removed?

- We have never tried, but wouldn't be surprised if there were something on YouTube about it.

Can I get a Helmet if I don't live in the U.S.?

- We do not ship outside the U.S. ... however, there is a very reputable package forwarding service that we can recommend. They are at (short for "my U.S. address"). If you use them they give you a U.S. address at their forwarding warehouse and we ship the helmet to that address (free shipping) and they forward it to you. (Australia Post has their own forwarding service ... info at
Another option is if you know someone in the States we could send the helmet to (free shipping) who could then send it on to you.

Are the authentic helmets exactly the same as those the players wear?

- The construction and materials in the helmets are the same. Any difference is cosmetic and the result of licensing negotiations with each school. For example, whether the front and rear helmet bumpers say Riddell or Schutt or the school's name/nickname. Also, many of the small decals on the back of on-field helmets, i.e., conference decals, are applied by the school and are not included on the public sale helmets.

When I'm watching a game on TV is there a way I can tell which helmet a player is wearing, Schutt or Riddell?

- Yes there is ... look at the ventilation holes in the top of the helmet - the Schutt XP helmets have round holes, the Riddell Speed helmets have elongated (eliptical) slots. The older Riddell VSR4 helmets (like Tom Brady still wears) don't have vent holes.

How do I know if a school uses Schutt or Riddell helmets?

- They use both (except for Ohio State which uses all Riddell). Typically, the player makes the choice of which manufacturers' helmet they wear.

What if I think there is a problem with the decals on the helmet I received?

- We will replace any helmet that has mis-applied decals. A bubble in a decal can usually be easily fixed by using a hair dryer on it and then smoothing down the bubble using a soft cloth. All decals for each helmet model are the same size and color, so size and color are typically not reasons for a full-refund return.

I've heard that some helmets sold online are actually counterfeit. Is this true?

- Unfortunately, yes. We have seen unlicensed counterfeit college helmets for sale online. These unscrupulous sellers buy blank helmet shells in a school's color, slap black market decals on them and sell them to unsuspecting buyers. Remember ... if the price is too low, beware!

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I received my helmet and it came in perfect time for my husbands birthday. Thank you so much for your expedient processing and shipping. This is my 2nd college helmet order from you and I will definitely continue to purchase from your site and recommend to others.
- Wendi H., Delaware

You guys are awesome! I am building my home bar and will have helmets from a lot of teams on shelves. I have about 20 more to purchase. Appreciate you all so much for the excellent service! When the bar is open, drinks are on me!
- Patrick H., Oklahoma

The helmet came today. It looks great! My son will be beyond thrilled. Thank you again for your excellent customer service!!
- Christian B., Texas

Thank you so much!! I am going to have 1 happy boy on Christmas morning :) I truly appreciate the follow up. More businesses need to have your level of customer service!!
- Jennifer G., Michigan

Most College Football Helmet orders are received within one week

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